Heavenly Horse Treks

The Track & 4x4

Picnic Drive The track - 12kms
We opened the track in 2004 to road going 4x4 vehicles. The track is a marked four wheel drive track 12kms long connecting the White Rock road and Tora coast road.

Vehicles must have four wheel drive and reasonable ground clearance.

The standard is moderately challenging. The views and scenery throughout are spectacular! Take it slowly and bring a picnic lunch for yourselves. 4 wheel drive
Stop at the top and see the White Rock coast to the south,
the Tora coast to the east, Haurangi mountains to the west and as far as the eye can see the east coast hills and occasionally the Tararua mountains.
Bring binoculars and watch the ships go by.

For safety reasons, the Track is not open when it is wet.