Horse Treks in Wairarapa

Horse Treks

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Our team of horses have been carefully chosen for their temperament and character. They are all shapes, makes and sizes: Station bred, Quarter horse, Standard bred, Appaloosa, Paint and Clydie. Some are young and energetic, some are older and wiser. Likewise our guides!

Guided Treks

Ride for a day

Day Treks are One, Two or Three Hour or a Full Day (5hrs) which includes picnic lunch.

If you haven't ridden before we will take you through the basics to get you going.

We have numerous tracks and trails to choose from to suit you and the weather.

Night and Day Treks: Minimum Group size of 4 and Maximum of 10.

2+ a Bit Days and 2 Nights:
The Bit. Arrive at Riversdale Station mid afternoon. Unwind after the journey. Organise baggage transfer. Meet the horses. Together we will choose a horse for you. Saddle up and head off for The Castle, where you will spend the first night.
2 day ride
Day One. Catch and saddle up your horse. Ride to the White Rock coast and along the wild black sand beach. Up the Zig Zag and along the White Rock and Tora sea-faces, with huge views of ocean, rivers, hills and mountains. Stop at Garry and Linda's spectacularly positioned cottage for a cup of tea. The last leg is back down to Tora Station. The second night is spent at Tora Station Quarters. **
Day Two. Catch and saddle your horse. Head up into the hills and back home to Riversdale Station by mid afternoon.

3+ a Bit Days and 3 Nights:
The Bit and Day One are the same as above.
Day Two. In stead of heading for home continue on to Wairangi Station, under the Haurangi Ranges. Spend the night at the Wairangi Station Cottage. Soak away the day in the Kiwi Hot Tub. Day Three. Catch and saddle your horse. Ride from the Cape River over to the Rough River and then over to the Castle River and home by mid afternoon.

** Bonus for groups of 6 or more will be an evening meal provided by Jenny, The-Cook-on-the-Coast.